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Hall was trying to cut a deal from jail.

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He did not mention that Mr. Magee had no record of violence, only misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession and intoxicated driving. The affidavit also did not disclose, because the investigators did not know, that Mr. That afternoon, the deputy had the warrant signed by a district judge, Reva L. Towslee Corbett. Three months later, 85 miles to the northwest, another informant found cause to give up an acquaintance.

This time, it concerned a career criminal named Marvin Louis Guy, who the informant said was dealing cocaine from his car outside a rough-and-tumble apartment complex in Killeen. Guy, then 49, had lived a far more hardened life than Mr. Raised in East Chicago, Ind. He and his siblings were split up among relatives, and soon enough the streets beckoned.

He joined the Gangster Disciples, dropped out of 11th grade and never avoided trouble for long: fighting, theft, battery, bank robbery, possession of a firearm as a felon, probation violation, cocaine possession. He had spent two-thirds of his adult years behind bars. That history had left him with a wariness that family members considered paranoid. But he could also charm with his gaptoothed smile and engaging manner.

And lately, he had been on something of a roll. He had stayed out of prison for nearly four years and moved to Killeen, home of Fort Hood, where his half brother Garett Galloway had settled after serving in the Army. Three other siblings had followed. Although unemployed for the last few months, Mr. Guy had otherwise managed to find steady work as a night-shift dishwasher. He had an apartment of his own and a Ford Crown Victoria. Best of all, one day at the gym nearly three years earlier, he had met an attractive and spirited widow named Shirley Whittington.

She was a year older, a former correctional officer who worked as a cashier at Walmart. Their relationship could be tempestuous, and they kept separate households. But Mr. Whittington to the Christian House of Prayer. By Mr. The informant, who has not been publicly identified, said it went further. He told a narcotics investigator, Officer John A. Officer Moseley knew that the rows of fourplexes on Circle M had long been a hot spot for street crime and drugs.

Unlike his counterparts in Burleson County, Officer Moseley followed up with some basic legwork. He eyeballed the Crown Vic in front of the beige brick apartment building at Circle M and traced the license plate to Mr. A police database placed the suspect in Apartment C, ground floor, right side. Agents watched the apartment intermittently during April, noting heavy foot traffic and encounters with Mr.

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Guy in his car. They sent the informant back to confirm that Mr. Guy still had cocaine, but did not arrange for a buy. He reported that Mr. Guy regularly carried a handgun. On the afternoon of May 8, Officer Moseley typed up an affidavit and requested a no-knock search warrant. He took it to Mark D. Kimball, a municipal judge, who reviewed it for five minutes and affixed his signature. Magee, 28 at the time of the raid, had been seeing Kori White, then 21, for about a year and a half.

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She was waifish and freckled, with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair. He was dark and handsome, with an easy smile. Once she got pregnant, they began planning a future that included building a house and perhaps starting a tree farm. Magee did not exactly hide his fondness for marijuana.

But Ms.

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White said that he never told her explicitly what he was doing behind the locked door, and that she never witnessed a transaction. By the standards of the National Tactical Officers Association, it was too small to field even a part-time special weapons and tactics team. But like scores of tiny jurisdictions around the country, it had one anyway. Riots and shootouts, the scenarios that gave rise to SWAT teams in the late s and s, were rather rare in rural Texas.

The Burleson deputies often summoned a SWAT team from a larger agency on the rare occasions when high-risk search warrants were to be served. But for the raid on Mr. Renken said. Once Investigator Sowders had a signed warrant, he and other deputies planned their dynamic entry.

There would be 10 of them, virtually every officer on the roster. Before sunrise on Dec. Some would stack up at the door while others fanned out to intercept any runners.

A flash-bang grenade would be detonated outside Mr. Search warrant!

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White picked up a chicken-tender salad and headed to the trailer. She and Mr. Magee wrapped Christmas gifts and settled on the couch to watch television, falling asleep before midnight. At some point, Mr. Magee slid to the floor to give her more room. The only light shone dimly from the bulbs on a miniature artificial tree.

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By about a. But because they confused his directions, plotting their entry from the front rather than the back, they thought Mr.

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When the first flash-bang detonated outside the wrong end of the trailer, it did not immediately awaken the couple. Then came a crashing thud at the door. White asked. Magee shouted, according to Ms.