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Vriska has suggested that these telekinetic powers are common among the caste.

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This is supported by Xefros's possession of similar, albeit far weaker, telekinetic abilities. Aradia also possesses the ability to summon ghosts, commune with them and command them to do her bidding. After her death, she continued to linger on Alternia as a ghost, using her psychic abilities to interact with her surroundings. Hiveswap has revealed that all rustbloods possess the ability to communicate with the deceased.

Trolls of this caste have also been called fudgebloods, and Terezi associates the blood's smell with chocolate. Tavros and the Summoner have the psychic ability to commune with and command the various beasts of Alternia and in Tavros's case the Underlings of the Incipisphere , possibly due to their Lusus prototypings. According to Vriska , such abilities are typical of bronze bloods. It is not stated if Rufioh also shared in this affinity with animals, although both he and Tavros are avid players of Fiduspawn in which Tavros uses his abilities to commune with the game constructs.

In Friendsim , it was shown that Lusus herding and ranching is common of many bronzebloods, most notably Skylla.

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Troll Kevin James has bronze blood , as do some or all cavalreapers. They are also very likely to have psychic powers. Most goldbloods seem to have two pairs of horns, although there have been exceptions. Folykl , on other hand, can drain others' psychic energy. Sollux is also capable of firing destructive blasts from his eyes, and the Condesce displayed the same ability while emulating goldblood psionic powers. Vriska has implied that this specific set of powers is only common to mutants within the caste, which may explain the unusual eyes of those who wield psionics.

However, only one revealed gold blood exists without psionic powers, which implies the psionic mutation is common. It is strongly implied by Cirava Hermod that goldbloods have their psionic powers lost or reduced if one of their eyes are damaged. Sollux used his powers to make the bees from his beehouse mainframes sleep which might be related to his ability to interfere with computer equipment , but he cannot read minds.


However, this may be a general goldblood power, as Zebede, who has no psionics, is seen using similar powers on bees as well. Psionic yellowbloods have two different colored eyes without any pupils, and their psionics manifest through these eyes.

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If an eye is removed, they will lose what psionics they have, as confirmed by Cirava. Some yellowbloods' psionics are stronger than others. Most yellowbloods are gifted with "vision twofold".

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It should be noted that "vision twofold" is simply a reference to how Sollux still possessed his vision while having the ability to see the future specifically, future deaths unlike the traditional imagery of prophets being blind. It is also noted that goldbloods, such as Folykl , can suffer from a condition known as "voidrot" were a troll's body can not retain energy like others can. It is stated that she stays alive by sapping Kuprum's energy, albeit through unknown means. In the era of the Signless, psychically gifted goldbloods were commonly enslaved as mages or helmsmen.

Kuprum 's excitement confirms these practices are in place during Hiveswap as well. Hacking is mentioned by Mallek Adalov to be a predominantly Goldblood field. Zebede , a non-psionic goldblood, was shown to have telekinetic powers. Whether this means all goldbloods without psionics have powers like this or not is unknown. Lime Blood was once a very common blood caste on Alternia, but was hunted to extinction due to its members' possession of powerful abilities that threatened the authority, if Calliope's conclusions about the matter are reliable.

She herself noted that details of the genocide are historically mUrky , however, and D o c Scratch has implied that Gl'Bgolyb is capable of wiping out any specific class of trolls with her abilities. Calliope has stated that the lime bloods had some unusual names. Kankri Vantas refers to members of the caste as "yellowgreens", considering the term "lime blood" offensive due to its historical connotations, implying that the caste was historically oppressed on Beforus. The lime blood color was originally alluded to when the Grand Highblood was introduced, as there was a shade of green previously unaccounted for.

The existence of the color was later confirmed by Hussie, and the page was retroactively changed to feature a lighter shade of green. This lighter shade fits in the color wheel between Sollux's yellow and Nepeta's green, where Karkat sits when the group is arranged by the procession of their zodiac symbols, possibly suggesting that he and, by association, his relatives would be lime blooded if not for the cherry red blood mutation. This suggestion was strengthened by them being categorized among limeblood signs in the Extended Zodiac , where the lime color was further changed slightly , along with Olive, probably to make them more distinct from each other. When asked if she had the powers that lime blooded trolls have, she answered maybe. Calliope being a lime blood may relate to how she uses Commonwealth spellings, as an old derogatory slang for the British is " limey ".

The color of lime blood amongst the cherubs is drastically different from that of the trolls. Caliborn refers to her blood as "harlequin slime", since it looks similar to the web color "harlequin". Olive Blood is considered the "middle class", and the color is referred to as ok but not great by Equius.

Equius and Nepeta simply call it "green", but this likely isn't the specific term, as there are two other shades of green on the hemospectrum. No known olivebloods seem to have any sort of psychic power. This may indicate that somewhere in the green part of the hemospectrum, trolls start to be more likely to be born without psychic powers.

The threshecutioners included olive bloods within their ranks as well as bluebloods of unspecified hue. Notably, multiple olivebloods are shown with assassination jobs, implying that this is at least somewhat common for them. Jade Blood is rare among trolls, and trolls with this blood color are given a unique role in troll society.

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In the past, jade blooded auxiliatrices were tasked to tend to the Mother Grubs in the brooding caverns. On Beforus, they were a predominantly female caste and their duties also included caring for wigglers. All jadebloods seem to have horns with a hook of some kind.

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As shown in Hiveswap, most Jade bloods do not leave the caverns often. In Hiveswap Friendship Simulator: Volume Seventeen , Daraya Jonjet states that during the time period of Hiveswap, adult Jadebloods are "cloistered", and shipped off to isolated enclaves. She also mentions that adult Jades are forbidden to contribute material to the genetic slurry and no pailing is allowed once we mature, for some i dunno bullshit old-fashioned reason.

This is not elaborated upon further. Kanaya , who is afforded the privilege of being brought up by a Virgin Mother Grub " an event so rare as to elude documented precedent " , also eventually turns into a rainbow drinker the Alternian equivalent of a vampire, who can withstand the planet's sun and radiates light upon her death. Porrim became a rainbow drinker before her session began and the Dolorosa engaged rainbow drinker mode in one of the Paradox Space comics and when meeting John not too much later.

Kanaya and Porrim confirmed that being a rainbow drinker directly relates to having jade blood. Kanaya also stated that their caste must have developed these abilities after working in the dark birthing caverns, while Rose suggested that the ability could have been developed to scare predators away from young wigglers.

Teal Blood is considered a high class in Alternian society. As a chromatic median between the green and blue castes, teal blooded trolls are not quite considered nobility, but still outrank the middle-class green blooded castes. Trolls of this caste are generally involved with jurisprudence. Redglare was a legislacerator, the Alternian equivalent of a lawyer who also doubles as a bounty hunter, and Terezi hoped to one day also have such a role in the Alternian legal system. In Friendsim Vol. Stelsa is said to be an Auditerrorized in training, and the librarian in the Bookhive in Friendsim Vol.

Both Terezi and Redglare also had dragons as their lusus , which Mindfang stated was quite unusual for someone, especially one of their blood color, to have. This was further confirmed when other teal lusii were revealed. According to Mindfang, typical lusii for this caste are cholerbears and spleenfowls, both implied to be big enough to carry their trolls. As Latula comes from Beforus rather than Alternia, it is not known what was expected of her as a teal blood.

It is suggested that cerulean blooded trolls are unlikely to develop psychic powers. Usually this blood color is simply referred to as "blue," which can cause confusion as indigo blood is also referred to, and appears to be, blue. A potion based on her blood is referred to as cobalt, but Vriska herself called her blood "cerulean.

Vriska Serket , her ancestor Marquise Spinneret Mindfang and her dancestor Aranea Serket are very powerful psychics who are able to manipulate the minds of others to bend to their whim. All of them also have vision eightfold, allowing them to peer within the Magic Cue Ball to discover its secrets.

Aranea confirmed that psychic abilities related to mind reading and manipulation are an occasional phenomenon amongst cobalt blooded trolls. However, Vriska and Ardata 's possession of both and the lack of mentioned psychic abilities among any cerulean bloods without eye mutations implies this. Mierfa Durgas is stated to be a member of this caste by her creator but appears to be listed as Indigo in Hiveswap judging by the prefix on her 2D image. Indigo Blood is the second-highest tier of blood amongst the land-dwelling trolls.

They are prone to violence as well because of their location on the hemospectrum. As with cerulean blood, this blood type is commonly called "blue," but the color has been alternately referred to as "indigo" when used as ink or in a potion. It is stated that Equius 's enormous strength is unique to himself while his strength unawareness is a blueblood trait. It is unclear if the same goes for his ability to regenerate his teeth. Horuss is also stated to share Equius' great strength, and multiple Indigo bloods in Hiveswap Friendsim are shown to have similar strength as well.

Also, Equius, Darkleer, and Horuss are all skilled in robotics. The archeradicators are known to include indigo bloods. Aradia became an indigo blood when her ghost inhabited the soulbot Equius constructed for her. As a result, she became much more violent a trait absent from the lowblooded castes. Indigobloods have a reputation of being snooty and stuck-up.