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The result, a company of dancers who amaze audiences creating unbelievable figures with the simple interplay of light and shadow : a show that allows us to rediscover amazement, magic, and emotion, from the worlds of illusion and fable. In the wake of his success, in Europe as well, came other companies who have, with equal choreographic mastery, put dancing shadows on the stage with narcotic effect.

Techno/Tech House Mix by DJ Haluk Arslan with Shadow Dancers

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Home Artists Shadow Dance Performance. Rarely light like this, because I am usually trying to soften shadows a bit, and I almost never cross-direct what effectively is two main lights.

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Until I saw the large white scrim at the back of the stage. A huge white surface, with tons of room for shadows to scamper around in playful fashion. The one finesse part of this is playing with the angle of the approach of the flash, and how deep or shallow the exposure is on the resulting shadows produced.

No real science to it, just experimentation. Shoot, adjust. As always. Besides the obvious job well done, this appears to be a perfect teaching tool for us to bookmark.

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Fortunately I was still scrolling when I realized it was flash with no ambient to speak of. Jeez Joe, another mind blowing shot! Do you young guys reading this blog realize McNally used to do this stuff with flashbulbs and film… Then, before that flash powder and glass plates… Then, before that he drew pictures on cave walls.

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