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One could also respond with 'It was no problem at all' if it fits the service provided e. If, the thanks was expressed as 'Thanks,' the more informal 'no problem' seems more in keeping with the tenor of the exchange. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to discuss this lively and interesting topic! To me, the difference is in what is thanked for. I use no problem in a case, let's resume to the example of holding a door open, where the extra effort is almost the same. When two people want to go through a door, one of them has to open it anyway and - unless you are physically handicapped - holding it open for two seconds longer is no effort.

Another example: making two cups of coffee instead of one is only a slight difference. For example, watering your neighbours' plants when they are on vacation. If they do want a Michelin star then it might still be perfectly okay to be that informal if they're going for a friendly vibe, because it's not like it's impolite or informal to the point of being overly familiar or anything. That's what creates the sense of it being casual vs.

To add another opinion that hasn't been considered yet I would say it depends on the intent of the thanker. For example, perhaps they asked you for directions and you started giving them, but the directions turned out to be more complicated than either of you realised, so you ended up walking in the opposite direction with them for a little while. Or you are a salesperson in a shop and a customer asked you for another size of clothes - you looked on the shop floor, then the backroom, then looked it up in the catalogue, then rang other stores, etc.

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In these cases their "thank you" might be more apologetic, because they were asking you for more than they originally realised they were asking you for. So you let them know with a reply like "No trouble at all!

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However, if it's something that you planned to do for the thanker - like you bought them a really nice present, or you invited them to your house and cooked dinner, then they're not feeling anxious or apologetic, they're just grateful. So in this instance you say "You're welcome" to acknowledge that they are thanking you and let them know that you were happy to do whatever it was.

I have many relatives native English speakers who are offended by "no problem. I think a lot of "no problem" users don't realize that they come across as rude to some folks. I'm an American expat living in German, and I've noticed this trend over the last few years from my compatriots. I also don't find "No problem" appropriate in many cases, but it does seem to be the norm now - at least in the United States.

It's annoying because my German students are using it, too, in situations where "You're welcome" would be the appropriate reply. I attribute the over use of "No problem" to the dumbing down of the education system. Many people have a very limited vocabulary and may not even be aware that "No problem" doesn't fit the situation. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Active 1 year, 5 months ago. Viewed k times. I've always said no problem much more often than you're welcome , which sounds stuffy to my Californian ears. What's new to me is how common the Australian no worries has become in the U. Thanks are about gratitude, not creativity. And honestly, why react to pleasantries with accusations of impertinence? Accept sentiments as they're offered.

Can I just point out how bizarre it seems to say that "'no problem' Sure, it'd be far from the only phrase that means the opposite of what it seems to, but I just find it very curious that anyone would jump to that meaning without a strong record of established usage. Figuratively exploded. Fully unpacked, it goes like this: "It was no problem for me to hold the door for you, because your ease of access is more important than me getting to my car faster.

People at my workplace are mostly informal, and I tend to reserve "you're welcome" for when something was actually difficult in part because "it was no problem [staying up extra late]" just rings false. This is by far the most accurate answer here.

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No problem is simply a way of saying "It wasn't any trouble for me to do this. I generally use "no problem" when I'm being thanked for a small courtesy, such as holding a door, for precisely this reason: it was no problem for me to do it.

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