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Alone in Istanbul, Gabor walks over to a bridge. We discover that he was going to jump from the footbridge over the Seine the night he met Adele, but the girl with big sad eyes standing outside the railing gave him a new lease on life. Their previously Platonic love affair is poised to become complete. In this way, the bridges, intended to provide a transition to death, become a place of new connections to life.

Red Squirrel La Ardilla Roja, Spain, also opens with a young person standing on a bridge contemplating a leap into darkness. Jota, a musician, tries to find the courage to jump off a bridge into a rocky stretch of ocean along the Atlantic coast of the Basque region of Spain. Suddenly a motorcycle, pursued by a speeding car, comes racing along a city street and hits the guard railing of the bridge not far from where Jota stands.

He sees the motorcycle and its rider fly through the air and crash onto the sandy beach below that portion of the bridge. The car rushes away from the scene. Jota becomes more concerned about saving the life of the motorcyclist than destroying his own. He runs down to the beach to assist the person in the helmet. Soon he discovers that the motorcyclist is a young woman, whom he is able to talk back into consciousness.

After the ambulance arrives, Jota accompanies the young woman to the hospital. Thus the bridge has served as a site of attempted suicide and attempted homicide, both of which are avoided, and becomes the location for the beginning of a romantic relationship.

One description of an early Austrian sound film, Sonnenstrahl , plants it firmly in this category of bridges bringing together a suicide and a savior. In Vienna an unemployed young man, Jean Durand, is locked out of his flat by his landlady.

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Finding himself all alone, he goes to the river to commit suicide. Suddenly a young woman jumps from the bridge above him. Without thinking, he dives into the water and saves her. Then begins their relationship. Americans have learned to leap and love, also, but with various twists. They decide to renew an old suicide pact. If neither one finds a meaningful, fulfilling relationship within 28 days, they will hand-in-hand jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Halfway to D-Day, they pack a picnic lunch and walk out on the bridge just to get familiar with it.

Soon they start dating new people and the suicide pact seems null and void. Joe has finally met the woman he has been spying on and painting for months.

Lucy meets Bwick, an eccentric artist. But failure is inevitable in both cases. Stuck in a horrible traffic jam, she gets out of the cab and walks along the upper pedestrian passage. They sit quietly with the traffic streaming by below them. Finally they both realize they are in love with each other.

ON THE BRIDGE OF GOODBYE The Story of South Africa's Discarded San Soldiers - New Era Live

They kiss, the music rises. An aerial shot of the Brooklyn Bridge provides a stunning exit for a rather awful movie. The bridge, which was to be the site of their final moments, has become the setting for a budding love affair. Laughing Sinners US, tells the story of the spiritual downfall and redemption of Ivy Stevens, a vivacious nightclub performer, who thinks she is loved by a traveling salesman.

When he leaves her a farewell note written on a menu, she collapses. Frogs are heard on the soundtrack to suggest a body of water in this obviously studio-bound film. The stone rail belongs to a bridge and she is about to jump. Inevitably she joins the Salvation Army and sings on the street corners instead of in a dancehall, but she is happy. Despite a momentary downfall with the same traveling salesman, she is reunited with Gable and all is well. This movie may have spawned an inordinate number of attempted suicides in with great hopes of a surrogate Clark Gable appearing just in time.

As silly as it seems, Laughing Sinners was no more unrealistic than many other early talking films. Friendship, rather than romance, can also be an outcome of an incipient suicide being averted by a stranger on a bridge. Dream with the Fishes US, follows a depressed man from a liquor store out onto a suspension bridge, probably the Golden Gate.

ON THE BRIDGE OF GOODBYE The Story of South Africa's Discarded San Soldiers

Terry takes big gulps from his large bottle of liquor to find courage for his intended jump. A smalltime crook, Nick, has trailed him with robbery on his mind. When Nick takes the death-desiring man back to his apartment, Terry is shocked to see that the woman living there is the very one he has been spying on with binoculars. He would sit in his darkened apartment and watch her with binoculars. Terry has seen her crying many times alone and now deduces that her relationship with Nick must be very painful. The attempted suicide on the bridge could appear to be leading to a relationship Terry has desired for so long.

But this film has a surprise in store. Nick has a terminal illness and wants to travel some more before his death. Nick and Terry go off on a series of adventures, mainly silly or criminal. The bridge actually created a friendship and gave Terry a new will to live. Likewise Finding North US, He strips off his clothing to leave this world as he came into it.

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Rhonda, a bank clerk, is driving across the bridge with her friends when they see the naked man standing on the railing. All Rhonda finds on the bridge is a large shoe. She thinks the man has gone over the edge into the river. Or so she expects.

Bridges in Film

Through a series of contorted stretches of reality, Rhonda ends up going with Travis to Texas. Despite all odds, they finally become inseparable friends after she realizes he is gay. Both Dream with the Fishes and Finding North begin with pessimistic scenes on bridges and end with their opposite in the same location. Neither Terry nor Travis acquires a replacement love but a new friendship which will sustain them for a while. In The Seventh Veil UK, a psychologist tries to understand why a world-famous pianist, Francesca Cunningham, would try to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Larsen desperately wants to know the events and persons who drove her to this state and help her. He makes Francesca talk about her past — a past with a controlling guardian, Nicholas, no friends, kept apart from the man she loved and forced to practice the piano hours a day. All his life George has sacrificed for the business which he inherited and became unwillingly attached to.

Even as a year-old, he saved his younger brother from drowning in an icy pond but lost his hearing in one ear. After the evil banker, Mr. Potter, tells George that he is worth more dead than alive, George decides on his action. He gets drunk at a local bar and then walks out onto a bridge over a raging river. When George explains why he wanted to die and wishes he had never been born, the film turns darker as Clarence escorts George around town to prove what an unpleasant place Bedford Falls would be if George had never been born.

Finally convinced of the value of his life and his contributions to the communal welfare, George rushes back to the bridge and proclaims that he wants to live. Sometimes attempted suicide brings undesirable friends. As he stands on the rail trying to secure the courage, a former friend, Milt Manville, just happens to ride by on his bicycle. Completely unaware of why Harry would be balancing on the railing, Milt strikes up a conversation and invites him back to his house in the suburbs to meet his wife Ellen. But Milt has an agenda greater than friendship. After drawing Harry and Ellen together, Milt is finally free to be with his true love, Linda.

They begin plotting how to get Harry out of their lives. Milt rushes over to push Harry off the bridge but falls into the water himself.