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Abraxas: Guardian Of The Universe (1990)

The genre has been blooming recently in Germany. When a vast movie theater near Berlin's central Zoo railway station was revamped and opened on September 18, with the premiere of Ernst Lubitch's "Madame Dubarry," a German cinematic institution was born. A century ago, the opulent Ufa-Palast cinema opened in Weimar Berlin and became a venue for celebrated premieres — and later Nazi propaganda. Badly bombed, it was reborn as the Zoo Palast and remains a cinema icon.

But despite a highly international competition selection, only two women directors will feature. Films and panels at the Human Rights Film Festival look into the work of reporters in conflict zones. From legendary foreign correspondent Marie Colvin to citizen journalists, here's how war reporting is changing. The British-Pakistani writer was set to receive the German literary prize before it was rescinded over her membership of the boycott-Israel group, BDS. The decision has sparked an outcry within literary circles.

Musical freedom of expression is under fire, but artists like Iran's Farzane Zamen and Egypt's Ramy Essam refuse to be silenced. They're sharing their stories of bans, censorship and prison at the World Forum on Music. Gurlitt art trove works that were once 'Nazi treasure' are being exhibited for the first time in Israel, including much so-called "degenerate" art.

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Dark Matters

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Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Film KINO favorites: Top 10 science fiction films from Germany Dystopian visions, futuristic fairytales and hands down the coolest sci-fi dance scene in movie history made our list of best sci-fi films to come out of Germany.

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KINO favorites: Top 10 German thrillers From s serial killers to Cold War conspiracy theorists; from botched bank robberies to murder most foul, DW's cinema team picks their favorite German thrillers of all time. Date Related content. My only complaint is born merely of anticipation.

I want more! I cried. I examined the story. I fell in love and became so involved I forgot I was reading and became one with the story. This page turner kept me guessing all the way to the end, through twists and turns of descriptive settings you are drawn into a world that blossoms in your mind. The only problem with it? It ends before the story is fully known….. His characters are vivid against the cyberpunk world of New Angeles. Leaf on Amazon — 5 Stars. He makes you feel as if you are in the story. His imagination is so descriptive that you can smell, feel, and taste the environment. You also feel as if you are walking in the detectives shoes and living his life.

I still don't quite understand what it is other than it has a great potential impact on the universe as it is what holds it together. I think.. These three somewhat independent character arcs do eventually collide, but perhaps it was that the book became increasingly scientific at times, referencing physics, and science has never been my strong suit, where I lost some interest.

I do look forward to seeing what becomes of Monique and her growing group of people with psychic visions, though, and maybe getting a better idea of this dark matter business. Thank you to everyone who made that possible. Dec 02, Greg Del Mar rated it really liked it. His protege, an up-and-coming family man named Rudy, is offered Carl's position. Rudy soon finds out that bundled with this position is a membership in a group called The Consortium, an almost omnipotent group of men who act as puppeteers in swaying world events. Arthur tells Rudy that it is all for the common good, but is it?

The groups' inner workings are shrouded in mystery, and Rudy already feels pulled into areas of questionable ethics. His family is unaware of what is becoming a web in which Rudy increasingly feels trapped. At the same time,Monique, a fine art dealer is having visions, which show her people and places. She feels compelled to seek them out, and in doing so a group is taking shape.

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A third group, led by a man named Jonas, is searching for rare elements in an asteroid field by day, and studying dark matter by night. Finding the right asteroid could be the final piece GCI and the Consortium need to exert control over Earth. Jonas wants to find such an asteroid, but just wants enough money to be able to give up hunting asteroids and stick to his own research. Somehow, the three groups are linked. How is a mystery. As the novel ends, their paths are merging in ways none would have expected, except perhaps the Consortium.

But what is their endgame?

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What Faustian deal has Rudy really struck in joining their ranks? Does Jonas' dark matter research hold the key to damage the Consortium's growing stranglehold on the rest of humanity? Are Monique's group's visions linked somehow, and why are they coming at this time? The Consortium knows Monique somehow. There are a few instances that strain credulity in the novel, where things didn't add up as far as Jonas trying to trick GCI, or Rudy not being more cautious jumping in with the Consortium, or Bimi being led away from his whole livelihood by a stranger based on almost nothing.

I also would have liked to get to know Monique better- I didn't know enough to be invested in her and like her character. However, I felt the pacing was good- a little backstory and character development is needed when there are three disparate groups of people to set on a path. I'm sure it will just get better, and the intrigue has me in suspense for the next novel in the series. I can't wait to find out how all the threads connect, and where it will lead. I would give it 4. Nov 28, The Potholes rated it really liked it Shelves: great , fantastic.

Note: This review is based on an unfinished copy of the text from Netgalley. What attracted me: I loved the title, it just shouted science fiction with supernatural elements. Working under Rudy, a scientist Jonas, works to find a asteroid that would profit GRI in quadrillions, with a side project of finding more information on Dark M Note: This review is based on an unfinished copy of the text from Netgalley. Working under Rudy, a scientist Jonas, works to find a asteroid that would profit GRI in quadrillions, with a side project of finding more information on Dark Matters.

Following her visions, a curator travels the world trying to make sense of her visions while picking up a few companions. What I loved: The book made me think of all the possible tech our future could reach and create. If this is our future I would not mind to live in it.

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Dark Matters by Michael Dow

Of course without the Consortium. The science behind the theory of Dark Matters was so nicely explained and realistic for a dystopian type book. Every word made me wanting more on all the parallel stories, I was waiting to see how they all connected. What I thought could be added: I wanted to know more on the abilities that Monique and Jonas have; are they due to Dark Matters? And if yes, how does Dark Matters fit into our daily lives? More on Consortium and how it started its motive and history. Nov 16, Caroline rated it it was amazing.

Dark Matters outlines a thrilling science fiction story that definitely left me anticipating the second book. It's full of deceit, control, and an underlying reality of what our world could potentially be in the future. I enjoyed the overlapping story lines of the characters If you love thriller or science fiction Dec 12, Jen rated it really liked it. I got an advance copy of the book. It is an interesting mix of science fiction and social commentary. Looking forward to reading the whole trilogy! Mar 24, Robert Downes rated it it was amazing. As such, it blends fiction with some thoughtful commentary on the divide between the rich and the poor.

Sci-Fi Short Film "Shift" presented by DUST

The story has a propulsive power that pulls you in with its rapid trajectory as a shifting cast of characters grapple with their roles both within and without a sinister group known as the Consortium, whose front is a corporation known as General Resources, Inc GRI.